Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I see a demo of your equipment?

    If you are interested in seeing a demo of our rental equipment, we have two options;

    - Online Demo (Webinar)- All you need is a computer with internet access and a phone line and a Conference Rental USA representative can schedule an appointment with you.  We use various tools such as PowerPoint and video web streaming to share our products.

    - Onsite Demo- Call us to see when we will be in your area or at a local tradeshow.  If you are located in the region of our local offices, we can setup an appointment at any time.

    Call us at 888-788-7368 or email us at [email protected] to setup an appointment today.

  • What is the difference between the infrared equipment that and RF equipment? Why does Conference Rental USA use IR?

    Both infrared (IR) and radio frequency (RF) (RF is sometimes referred to as FM (frequency modulated)) are technologies used to transmit audio wirelessly.  For this instance the IR and RF equipment is used for language distribution systems and wireless conference microphone systems.  

    The main difference between the two technologies and the reason Conference Rental USA uses IR equipment is that IR is inherently secure from eavesdropping.  As IR light does not pass through opaque surfaces, such as walls, it keeps meeting data confidential by only allowing individuals inside the room to listen to the conference.  Since the IR transmission does not pass through the walls of a conference room, it also allows two systems to be in adjacent rooms without interfering with one another.  

    For more information on this topic, please call or chat with a Conference Rental representative.

  • What is simultaneous interpretation?

    Simultaneous interpretation is the continuous verbal interpretation from one language to another. Unlike consecutive interpretation, simultaneous interpretation allows a speaker to continue without pausing for the interpreter to speak.

    Simultaneous interpretation requires special equipment to allow interpreters to sit in a sound isolated booth while listening, through headphones, to the speaker and interpreting into a different language.

    The individuals listening to the interpretation will listen though headphones connected either to a conference microphone with headphone inserts or infrared receivers, both of which provide the transmission of the simultaneously interpreted audio.

    For more information on this topic, please call or chat with a Conference Rental representative.

  • Will your push-to-talk conference systems be compatible with my PA system?

    Our conference systems are compatible with nearly every professional audio visual public announcement systems. Main control units provide line level out XLR, RCA (Stereo or Mono) and Auxiliary outputs for standard compatibility options.


    All conference microphones will be summed then provided as an output to the mixer.

  • I’ve connected the push-to-talk conference system and a few microphones are not working properly, what do I do?

    Nine times out of ten, the system needs to be renumbered.

    Background: Each microphone is assigned an identification number.  If two microphones have the same ID number, it will cause these two microphones to act strangely (both turn on at the same time, not turn on at all, etc.)

    The Numbering Process:

    - Make sure all microphones are connected to the main unit.

    - Turn on the main unit.  The main units LCD will display “checking line” identifying all the microphones connected.

    - When finished “Checking Line” a table with four columns will be displayed.  Under the “Total” column is the amount of microphones recognized by the main unit

    - If this is different from the actual amount of microphones connected, you must renumber the system.

    - Select the “Menu” button on the main unit.

    - Scroll left using the arrow key until you highlight the “NUMBER” option on the LCD.  Press the “Menu” button to select.

    - Press the “Menu” button to select “ALL” then again to select “START”

    - The Microphone On/Off button on each of the delegate microphones will be flashing red.  This indicates the microphones are ready to be numbered.

    - Press each of the Microphone On/Off buttons.  This will assign each microphone a new number.

    - Note: The first microphone selected will be ID 1

    - Press the “Menu” button on the main unit to select the highlighted “END” option.

    - The main unit will display “Checking Line” identifying all the microphones connected.

    - When finished “Checking Line” the numbering process is complete.  Press the “Exit” key to view the four column table on the LCD. The number under the “TOTAL” column should coincide with actual quantity of microphones connected.

    For more information on this topic, please call or chat with a Conference Rental representative.  You may reach our 24x7 tech support hotline at 1.888.788.RENT (7368).

  • Will you provide spare microphones should one microphone become damaged?

    Conference Rental USA’s standard practice is always to make sure you have enough microphone incases the unexpected occurs.


    Though it is extremely rare for a microphone to not work properly, there are the times equipment becomes damaged during a shipment or an unforeseen event occurs. Therefore a couple additional microphones are always included in each order to make sure your event runs smoothly.

  • Do you offer same day delivery?

    Conference Rental USA is located in several areas across North America. All of our warehouse can deliver the same day an order is made if you are located in the surrounding metropolitan area. Otherwise, we can deliver using shipping companies for next day delivery.

  • What is the cabling type for your wired conference system and how many extension cables will I get with my order?

    Our wired tabletop microphones are connected via Cat-5 cables with 6PIN Din connectors. It is a secure and reliable connection for rental applications. Moving the conference units on the furniture will not unplug a connection.


    Our standard cable pack includes: (8) 16ft., (3) 32 ft. and (2) 65 ft. cables. If the distance between every microphone is higher than 5.5 feets, please let us know so we provide you with additional extension cables.

  • What level of technical support do you offer?

    Our technical support policy is to provide the assistance you need: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Just call our technical support number and we will help you find the solution you’re looking for.