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New E Ink Nameplate Breaks the Rules of Traditional Signage Game

May 24, 2016

An article by Leah McCann

Minute-to-minute news updates, live tweeting, expanding Wi-Fi coverage, Periscope feeds, push notifications—it’s no wonder that “real time” has become the norm for how we operate in the world. And the consumer, a major player in fueling this cultural phenomenon forward, has come to expect nothing less from the brands and technologies that make “real time” a reality. So what about for those of us in the AV rental, conference, and staging markets? We are no exception to the rule.

In the case of identification technology, one product—the E Ink Electronic Nameplate, a digital electronic nameplate using TAIDEN breakthrough technology—has found its stride in a real-time world.


Crystal Clear: New Wireless Audio Solution is Delivering Undisrupted, Quality Sound to Attendees

April, 2016

Article featured in Event Marketer Magazine, February/March 2016, page 12. Download the full story now or read below:

How b-to-b events are embracing the campus format, and wireless audio solutions for their attendees.

Go inside Conference Rental’s digital infrared language distribution system deployed at EventTech 2015 in Las Vegas, an open “campus” format where content, networking and entertainment took place in one room. Read how ear buds and wireless receivers transformed the attendee experience and delivered crystal clear audio. And that’s just one example of this type of audio solution in use.


Conference Rental Supports Global Real Estate Firm Hosting Massive Multilingual Conference

March 8, 2016

One week, 8,000 attendees, 5 languages, at the prestigious Grand Garden Arena of the MGM Grand in Las Vegas; for the second year, Conference Rental has successfully delivered language interpreting equipment and services to this large convention for an international realtor.

The Grand Garden Arena is well known for numerous boxing superfights. Conference rental was tasked with the challenge to provide infrared coverage throughout the space – having a seating capacity of 16,800 – to deliver digital infrared language distribution in 5 languages.


Developments in Interpreting Technologies

January 11, 2016

It’s no secret that technology is driving the way we communicate, how we connect to one another and the way we conduct business. Just as the translation industry has been disrupted by advances in technical tools as well as web and cloud technologies, the interpretation sector has experienced its fair share of technology advances, innovations and has evolved with the increasing demands of the ever connected world. Our expectations have changed; the experience is everything. We are surrounded by smart, multi-function devices, and we expect to receive service everywhere at any time. What changes have been brought to the landscape of interpreting technology to respond to these new expectations?


Conference Rental Expands to South America with Lima Convention Center's Opening Event.

October 27, 2015

Lima has undertaken the challenge to host global events of great magnitude such as 2015 World Bank Group and International Monetary Fund (WBG-IMF) Annual Meetings, APEC 2016, Pan-American Games in 2019. These and many more top-class events will give an opportunity to showcase Peru's strong position as global event organizers and increase their ranking as destination of choice to hold other international events.

To further heighten their attractiveness as a conference destination Lima has constructed a world class Convention Center, Peru's largest tourist infrastructure project. With claims to be the largest in South America, it's sure to become a strong contender to more established conference destinations in the region.

Lima Convention Center’s opening event was no less than the World Bank Group and International Monetary Fund Annual Meetings 2015, placing Lima in the center of international attention in the world of economics.