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Conference Rental Expands to South America with Lima Convention Center's Opening Event.

October 27, 2015

Lima has undertaken the challenge to host global events of great magnitude such as 2015 World Bank Group and International Monetary Fund (WBG-IMF) Annual Meetings, APEC 2016, Pan-American Games in 2019. These and many more top-class events will give an opportunity to showcase Peru's strong position as global event organizers and increase their ranking as destination of choice to hold other international events.

To further heighten their attractiveness as a conference destination Lima has constructed a world class Convention Center, Peru's largest tourist infrastructure project. With claims to be the largest in South America, it's sure to become a strong contender to more established conference destinations in the region.

Lima Convention Center’s opening event was no less than the World Bank Group and International Monetary Fund Annual Meetings 2015, placing Lima in the center of international attention in the world of economics.


Prep, Plans, and Work-Arounds: A Day in the Life of a Conference Technician

October 13, 2015

A story by Keenan Gaynor

As an audio engineer, I love a solid Plan A, and have learned over time the importance of backing myself up with an equally solid Plan B (and if my instincts are telling me to develop a Plan C, I’ll do that, too).

In my role as Account Manager at Conference Rental’s facilities in New York, N.Y., I oversee all aspects of language interpretation events from project planning to delivery. The range of events we do is broad, from moderately sized corporate meetings involving anywhere from 50 to 150 participants, to high-level talks at international congresses, with hundreds of political leaders in attendance. Depending on the scope of the event––and the number of languages being spoken––my job is to provide simultaneous interpreters with the technical systems and support required in order for them to be able to do their job. It’s a great gig, and recently, I thought it would be fun to catalog an average day in the life of a conference technician, which requires a lot of preparation, some resourcefulness, and a good deal of diplomacy.


China and Silicon Valley Delegates Cooperate Without Language Barriers!

September 3, 2015

Silicon Valley mayors, business individuals, Chinese government and investors congregate in Stanford University in Palo Alto, California in a two-day event to promote mutual cooperation to increase investment, culture, technology and education exchange between China and Silicon Valley. Conference Rental was the partner of choice to provide language interpretation solutions to the conference


Conference Rental Adds All-in-One Video Microphones to Rental Inventory

June 3, 2015

Conference Rental is the first rental provider to offer an inventory of conference microphones with a built-in high-definition video monitor. Intended for professional training and business seminars, as well as high-profile meetings, the all-in-one video microphone units provide a controlled and focused meeting environment with intelligibility and interactivity at the core.


Conference Rental opens satellite office in NYC as demand for conferencing and interpreting equipment grows

August 11, 2014

Conference Rental, the leading wholesale rental provider for conferencing microphones and language interpretation equipment, has announced the opening of a satellite office in NYC to better serve audiovisual rental and staging companies, including AV services at hotels and convention centers, as well as language service providers and meeting planners in the greater New York City area.

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