Corporate Meetings

Corporate Meetings

Time is of the essence in corporate meetings and intelligible audio is critical to facilitate quick and accurate communication. For formal board meetings and seminars, conference microphones enable a more structured and engaged meeting environment where voting can be implemented to collect feedback. While global corporations may need language interpreting for their annual meetings, even live streaming their message to the world in multiple languages.

Corporate conferences ● Professional trainings ● Seminars ● Board meetings ● Shareholder meetings ● Product launches ● Annual meetings ● Trade shows

We work with corporate event planners and in-house AV providers to deliver conference technology solutions.

  • Conference microphones: Our wired and wireless digital conference microphones come with software allowing an operator to manage microphone activation centrally upon need.
  • Video microphones: This all-in-one solution combines the traditional features of a conference system (microphone, electronic voting) with a high-resolution monitor.
  • Electronic voting: Multiple forms of vote can be implemented as a tool for formal decision-making or to collect feedback and enhance meeting interactivity.
  • Audio distribution: Providing wireless receivers and headsets to individual attendees when there are multiple audio zones in one room.
  • More: automatic video tracking for streaming, language interpretation, digital nameplates for attendee identification, audio recording, and more.

What sets us apart?
Our exclusive, innovative and versatile conference technology solutions for corporate event managers will give your meeting a professional high-tech look. With the world’s largest inventory of digital conference systems we can accommodate the largest conferences and meet all expectations for quality and reliability. With numerous equipment warehouses across North America and Europe, we offer quick and easy access to technology solutions regardless of location. You can count on our expertise to ensure impeccable project delivery and client satisfaction.

Contact us today to learn more about our services for corporate meetings and support including design, project planning, onsite conference engineers, and more.

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