Education Seminars

Education Seminars

In today’s global environment, technology has evolved to meet the increasing demands of an ever-connected world, including in academia. We provide engagement and collaboration tools for events of all types:

Professional trainings ● Seminars ● Educational symposiums ● Learning labs ● Career day panel discussions ● Foreign visiting lecturers  ● Roundtables

  • Conference microphones: our wired and wireless conference microphones support increased intelligibility for the students and encourage participation.
  • Video microphones: This all-in-one solution combines the traditional features of a conference system (microphone, electronic voting) with a high-resolution monitor.
  • Electronic voting: voting buttons are embedded on microphones. A solution to measure retention levels with a few quick questions during lectures and seminars.
  • Audio distribution: Providing wireless receivers and headsets to individual attendees when there are multiple audio zones in one room as in the case of learning labs.
  • More: automatic video tracking for streaming, language interpretation, digital nameplates for attendee identification, and more.

What sets us apart?
Our unique offering of all-in-one video microphones as well as conference microphones with electronic voting buttons truly meets the demand for highly interactive technology solutions to engage students in the learning process and assist in providing a quality learning experience for all. If you would like, our team can take control of the equipment and the technical aspect of your event so you can focus on spreading knowledge.

Contact us today to learn more about our services for trainings and seminars and support including bid management, project planning, onsite conference engineers, and more.

Case study: Law school trademark symposium