Event Planners

Event Planners

Conference Rental is here to help you navigate through technicalities and refine your project’s details to ensure a smooth delivery of all types of events.
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It is our purpose to support your mission with conference and interpreting technology solutions that meet the highest standards:

Simultaneous interpretation: We deliver the complete equipment package for conference interpreters and attendees to enable events up to 31 languages: interpreter consoles, ISO-standard interpreter booths, digital infrared language distribution for participants.

Conference microphones: Our wired and wireless conference microphones come with software allowing an operator to manage all microphone activation centrally.

Video Microphones: This all-in-one solution combines the traditional features of a conference system (microphone, electronic voting, channel selectors) with a high-resolution monitor.

Audio Distribution: The audio distribution systems provide an alternative to a typical PA system and wirelessly distribute audio to meeting attendees. Electronic voting: A sleek multi-functional device which incorporates a digital conference push-to-talk microphone with a built-in language channel selector and voting.

Attendee identification: Using E Ink electronic nameplates to display attendee names and allow frequent changes to seating arrangements.

What sets us apart?

We are here to become the middle-man between your clients and attendees and are available for all technical inquires along the way. Instead of getting stuck in the fine print of compatibility between our products and those of other vendors, your team can focus on setting up the event while we take care of the technicalities.