International Organizations

International Organizations

International and intergovernmental organizations host frequent meetings where delegates speaking different languages gather to discuss global policies. It is our purpose to support their mission with conference and interpreting technology solutions meeting the highest standards.

World summits ● Global forums ● International congresses ● Annual meetings ● Committee sessions ● General assembly ● Multilingual conferences ● Working groups 

  • Simultaneous interpretation: we deliver the complete equipment package for conference interpreters and attendees to enable events up to 31 languages.
  • Conference microphones: our wired and wireless conference microphones come with software allowing an operator to manage microphone activation centrally.
  • Electronic voting: voting buttons are embedded on delegate’s microphone. View case study.
  • Attendee identification: using E Ink electronic nameplates to display attendee names and allow frequent changes to seating arrangements.
  • More: audio overflow for press rooms, automatic video tracking for streaming, audio recording, and more.

What sets us apart?
With the world’s largest inventory of state-of-the-art digital conference systems, we can accommodate the largest multilingual conferences and meet all expectations for quality and reliability. With over 10 years of experience focusing on large multilingual congresses with high-profile references (the G20 Mexico Summit, the World Bank and IMF Annual Meetings and many more) you can count on our expertise to ensure impeccable project delivery and client satisfaction.

Contact us today to learn more about our services for international organizations and support including bid management, project planning, onsite conference engineers, and more.

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