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AV Companies to Bring Technology Solution for Hybrid Meetings

AV Companies to Bring Technology Solution for Hybrid Meetings

Tuesday, 03 March 2020

The current international health crisis is making the organization and scheduling of conferences and events difficult, with uncertainty looming over the next few months. The hospitality industry is suffering an immediate financial impact from events cancellations, postponements, or meetings being scaled down in size with reduced attendance.

In this context, AV departments have a strategic role to play. Audio-visual providers are looked up to as technology leaders, required to deliver solutions to support customers with alternative options for meeting continuity.

The Hybrid Meeting Solution

The concept of hybrid meetings is now well-known as one that has both a face-to-face and an online component. Event planners generally have options at their disposal to live stream events for remote viewers, but what if the meeting requires more than just streaming? What if remote attendees need to participate?

Hybrid Meetings for Global Events

International attendees are the most likely to cancel participation at the moment, due to global travel restrictions and safety precautions. With key foreign experts unable to physically make the meeting, there are still solutions for this conference to go through.

Many global meetings require language interpretation systems, these solutions can be paired with an online cloud-based meeting platform and mobile applications that will allow participants to view, listen and participate in the meeting in real time, from anywhere in the world, in any language.

If multilingual accessibility was not planned for, it will be a must-have to encourage remote participation and ensure engagement. By simply interfacing the audio and live video to the online cloud-based platform, with remote interpreters bridging the language gap, international delegates can select which language they want to listen to from their PC or smartphone.

Online Multilingual Events for Strategic Sessions

There is no replacing the nuances of face-to-face interactions and the relationship-building value that derive from in-person meetings. With organizations forced to fully cancel planned events, and as you await rescheduling, you can mitigate current losses and deliver the solution that will enable strategic discussions to take place immediately.

Keynote speakers, panel discussions, and other workshops may be conducted as planned on Conference Rental’s online cloud-based meeting platform used as a standalone application. In addition to high quality multilingual audio and video, the platform also offers document sharing, live polling and Q&A. This combination of features allows meeting attendees to feel as if they are right there in the room.

A Much-Needed Technology Partnership for AV Companies

Do not leave your customers without a solution and make sure that you are part of the solution. It is not too late to explore new technology platforms and deliver unique service packages for your meetings. For Spring and Summer events, you may provide reassurance to your customers that you will have the right tools whatever their decisions may be at the time.

Conference Rental works hands-in-hands with audiovisual rental & staging providers to deliver niche solutions that ensure the success of all global multilingual events.

Acquire immediate understanding of Conference Rental’s unique cloud-based meeting platform for hybrid meetings by calling +1.415.877.4418 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to request more information and a schedule a demonstration.