Going Undercover as a Conference Technician

Going Undercover as a Conference Technician

Thursday, 22 September 2016

Being a new employee, I recently had the opportunity to go to Hawaii to learn how the company works and understand what we are all about. Amazing, right? Why haven't I had a job like this before? I found out about it months in advance and got very excited, even went out and bought some Hawaiian looking clothes! Being in Marketing, traveling isn't a regular option, which made me very envious of the technicians who regularly go to exotic places for major conferences. The event itself was a strategic world congress where both governmental and non-governmental organizations worked hand in hand on environmental, conservation, and ecological issues.

For this conference, we rented out our voting microphones with simultaneous interpretation, video tracking and ICC identification cards. With over 15 rooms, 10,000 attendees, interpretation in up to 3 languages and voting, there were a lot of moving parts at any given moment and our team had to be on top of it all. Sure, we all had our responsibilities, but we had to wear multiple hats and help out wherever needed. The life of a conference technician never has a dull moment.

There were two parts to the convention, one was working with interpretation solely through 15 rooms and different sessions, sometimes 3 or 4 sessions at the same time. We had a tech in every room to check on the consoles for the interpreters, we had additional team members there to assist with handling out IR receivers, being available to respond to questions, and do inventory after every session. The second part was to set up video tracking and voting microphones with interpretation and ICC identification cards for a ballroom seating almost 1000 attendees. Check out the video here!

Some of the team had more demanding jobs than others, some of us got to the convention at 7am and sometimes wouldn't be able to leave until 1am, with lunch and dinner delivered. We did the setting up, the support, and the breakdown. This particular conference was for such a good cause that all of our team took an interest in being a part of these sessions. We learned a lot, from protecting endangered species to enhancing habitat for wildlife. It was really motivating to hear the passionate speeches from some of the world’s most high-profile leaders in the industry. Going undercover as a conference technician was very demanding, as exotic as it may seem.

In spite of all the hard work and dedication, the string of hours that turn into days, being confined to a conference room when on a paradise island, I would welcome another exciting opportunity like this any time! At Conference Rental, our technicians go above and beyond in making sure that we aren't just the technology partners, but we take care of the event as if we were hosting it ourselves. Our clients’ satisfaction is of the utmost importance, and I tip my hat to the technical team.


About Conference Rental: Conference Rental is the leading sub-rental provider for digital push-to-talk conferencing microphones and language interpretation equipment with high-profile references such as the G20 Summit. The company partners with audiovisual rental and staging companies and language service providers to provide technology solutions for conference-style events, including multilingual conferences. Services include pre-production planning, setup/strike labor, onsite support and overall technical support from our expert conference engineers.