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Corporate Annual Meeting and Exhibition

San Diego, CA, USA
> Large open exhibition hall
> 10 contiguous presentation stages
> 600 receivers and headsets for personal audio

How to ensure a quality audio listening experience for conference attendees when you have multiple contiguous open presentation theaters?

Conference Rental met this challenge for the a Corporate Annual Meeting and Exhibition bringing together thousands of engineers, scientists, and business leaders from the materials industry for a cross-disciplinary exchange of technical knowledge. To fight competing audio between presentation stages, Conference Rental installed 10 independent infrared audio distribution systems, and distributed 600 headsets to conference attendees.

Silent audio distribution is achieved by using portable, personal listening devices (named receivers) with headsets. For its audio distribution inventory, Conference Rental has invested in the latest digital infrared technology, a solution that - unlike RF - ensures no audio bleed or interference between adjacent systems. Conference Rental’s expertise in digital infrared technology, with onsite support for equipment setup and operation, helped these conference attendees meet their expectations for a quality learning experience.