Products used in event

Developers Conference

Brooklyn, NY, USA
> Multiple open layout theaters
> Ability to move around and tune into any presentation
> Silent audio distribution using interference-free infrared technology

For an important developers conference held at the Brooklyn expo Center in New York, Conference Rental supported a multi-stage open theater event with silent audio distribution technology. The client’s event design required to setup multiple adjacent presentation stages delivering simultaneous presentations, with attendees able to freely walk around and tune into any presentation of their choice.

Silent audio distribution is achieved through the use of portable listening devices with headsets. A common challenge with the use of wireless devices is linked to radio frequency interference, especially in large agglomerations like New York City. As a response, Conference Rental delivered a digital infrared audio distribution system ensuring a clear, crisp signal without any audio bleed and the ability for attendees to switch audio seamlessly.

In addition to equipment installation ensuring infrared coverage throughout the meeting venue, Conference Rental also handled the logistics for attendee registration and receiver distribution and collection. With full service turnkey solutions, Conference Rental allows clients to maximize their resources and supports the delivery of unique experiences.