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Medical Research Foundation Annual Symposium

San Francisco, CA, USA
> E Ink Nameplates to display panelists names
> Immediate name changes in-between sessions

This major scientific symposium benefited from an eye-catching conference stage. Amongst other state-of-the-art audio visual technologies, the stage design included electronic nameplates to display the names of course directors presenting the latest medical research breakthroughs and commenting on live surgeries. With back-to-back presentations for this 5-day event, the nameplates set at the dais proved an efficient solution to clearly identify panelists and to streamline name changes in between sessions.

E Ink Nameplates are a user-friendly and time-saving solution to display participant names at events. They support versatile content display and immediate content changes through wireless command; a welcomed alternative to paper name cards that must be printed and manually switched and positioned. The nameplates supplied by Conference Rental use E Ink technology which ensures no light interference or glare for video and photography. In the case of this strategic scientific symposium, the panelists were clearly identified on large audience screens and for recording and broadcast purposes.

Conference Rental was able to contribute to the professional high-tech look of the strategic conference with this electronic nameplate solution.