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Nutrition & Cosmetics Company - Global Gathering and Anniversary

Dallas, TX, United States

> 10,000 attendees including 4,000 international delegates.
> Interpretation in 16 languages.

For their annual global gathering and anniversary, this important manufacturer of beauty and health products offered their global delegates an experience like no other at the Omni Dallas and Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center, the largest meeting venue in Dallas. 

Conference Rental provided interpretation equipment to allow everyone to participate, with language options: English, French, Spanish, Hungarian, Hindi, German, Italian, Japanese, Arabic, Polish, Portuguese, Malay, Mandarin, Romanian, Turkish, Russian and Mongolian.

To accommodate sixteen simultaneous languages and avoid any potential interference, Conference Rental elected to use a digital infrared system for language distribution. IR emitter panels were rigged in trussing throughout the 203,000 square foot hall. The sixteen booths were built behind the stage with video monitors so the interpreters could have a clear view of the presenters.