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Looking for all the features of a push to talk microphone system without all the cables?

     -    0:54

Learn more about our wireless microphone solution. Using digital infrared, you will avoid all interferences from RF devices and ensure meeting privacy. The Conference Rental wireless conference microphone system is an elegant solution for quick and flexible setups to achieve superb audio performance during meetings.

How to easily identify attendees at my public-facing event? Use a Wireless E Ink Nameplate!

     -    0:53
Learn more about how Conference Rental's award-winning E-Ink Nameplate solution can help you deliver a professional-looking event with customizable digital signage.

How to solve "shouting contests" between speakers on adjacent stages? Use an Audio Distribution solution!

     -    1:28
Learn more about how Conference Rental's Audio Distribution solution can help you solve "shouting contests" between speakers in adjacent stages and deliver crystal clear audio to attendees.

How can you keep your attendees engaged in meetings? Use a Second Screen Experience Solution!

     -    1:08
Learn more about how Conference Rental's Video Microphone solution can help your attendees stay engaged in meetings.

Happy New Year 2019

     -    1:15
Thanks to you, 2018 was a great year for all of us at Conference Rental! In addition to working on 550+ of your events, we also opened THREE new offices. We hope you have a great 2019 and look forward to working together again

Conference Rental Solutions Overview

     -    0:51
Quick overview of the solutions and services offered by Conference Rental in support of conferences and multilingual events.

Conference Rental rebranding

     -    0:15
The story behind Conference Rental's 2017 new logo. Starting with our CR initials and evolving the shape into a representation of international communication.

Wireless E Ink Nameplates in a Meeting

     -    1:54

Handling name changes during a meeting with paper versus electronic nameplate solutions.

Conference Rental and Language Companies

     -    1:29

Our partnership options with language service providers explained from the ALC Annual Conference.

"Numbering" The Conference Microphone System

     -    4:14

A tutorial video to explain unit numbering on the wired conference microphone system.

Wired PTT Conference Microphones Setup

     -    2:08

The Sea of Mics

     -    0:33

Thousands of microphones with electronic voting capability turning on right before the start of a prominent international conference.