Conference Microphones

We offer a wide selection of conferencing microphones designed to fit various meeting environments and needs with versatile features. Our future-rich solutions include wired, wireless and video microphones with multifunctional capabilities such as electronic voting and language interpretation.

The common characteristic of all our microphone solutions is the focus on delivering perfect speech intelligibility with the proven qualities of the best conference systems: a gooseneck that keeps sound close to the source, a built-in-speaker, push-to-talk button. Each participant has a delegate microphone unit with volume control, push-to-talk button and a light signaling when the mic is live. Chairman microphones have control features including the ability to mute or cut-off a delegate microphones as desired or upon time-lapse expiry.

Which Conference Microphone System is best suited to you? Take a look at the selection below or contact us for advice on the best solution to your need.